P.L. Harris

A writer of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Young/New Adult


Heat levels 1-4 scale
1 - Sweet
2 - Sensual and sexy
3 - Steaming
4 - Out of this world

Life as Amanda knows it ends violently when she comes home to a group of unknown men tearing her house apart. They’re looking for something—something that’s worth killing for—and she has the key to finding it.

She has the secrets of a demon.

Jason has enough on his plate after an exam scandal threatens his position at university and rocks the shaky foundation of trust he has with his father. When he finds beautiful, shivering Amanda hiding in his family treehouse during a storm, he knows he has to help her, no matter the cost.

He has the eyes of an angel.

Danger lurks around every corner when Amanda and Jason dig deeper into the truth of Amanda’s key. A whirlwind of attraction and promises pulls them together, while danger and secrets threaten to pull them apart. If they can manage to trust one another, they just might unravel the secrets that are hidden.

Hidden Secrets- NOW AVAILABLE 
​Young Adult/Contemporary Romance
Heat Level 1 - Sweet