P.L. Harris

A writer of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Young/New Adult

In Whittaker Springs, Christmas is a magical time—and love is in the air. From new beginnings to rekindling old flames, this present is All Wrapped Up.

Christmas Fever by P.L. Harris
After failing to make it big in London, Tessa returns to small-town life to care for her ailing mother. If only she could avoid Blake, the one who got away. It’s been six long years of failed romances and missed Christmases, but Tessa and Blake can’t deny the attraction between them. The past weaves into the present as hurt, betrayal, and lust sears through their minds and bodies. Will the secrets and lies that kept them apart triumph, or will they finally get the antidote for this Christmas Fever?

There Must be Tinsel by Bree Verity
The holidays are supposed to be fun, but Hallie has spent the last four years of her life trying to be a picture-perfect girlfriend. Repressing who she is in a miserable relationship isn’t making her happy, but that is all about to change. Hallie’s happiness comes in the form of her best friend, Jacob, who has been her partner through thick and thin. When her world is turned upside down, Hallie needs strong arms to keep her level…and Jacob has always been there for her.

Exposed by Glennys Marsdon
To the outward world, Connie Mulburn is as safe and dull as a woman can be. She’s a simple children’s author and that’s how she likes it. That all changes when Justin, the playful prankster from her past, comes back as a sexy businessman, bent on pulling her out of her shell. Cautious Connie has a secret life—a pseudonym that everyone is talking about. When her racy secret is in jeopardy, Justin pushes her with one steamy challenge. “I dare you.”

Merry Christmas Liebchen by Caenys Kerr
Jolene does everything she can to take care of her elderly aunt. When that same aunt lands in the hospital and falls behind on her bills, Jolene finds herself between a rock and hard place. Selling her beloved car, with the help of the irresistible and exotic mechanic, Karl, seems to be her only chance to keep the family home. But there’s more to the gorgeous Karl than meets the eye. He has a past that could make or break their new-found relationship and Jolene will have to decide if her German sweetheart is worth the risk.


A Bouquet of Love   
​Contemporary Romance
Heat Level 1 - Sweet


Ten couples not looking for love find something unexpected when they visit Serendipity Bridal Boutique, Kate Peron’s vintage-styled salon. Love is in the air and it's about to blow into their lives, bringing fortunate accidents of the heartfelt variety to those lucky enough to walk through Serendipity’s doors. 

A man comes to Eagle Point to stop a wedding. A magazine editor finds herself in a cheesy situation. A different kind of bride takes to the catwalk. Readers will be swept  away by this bouquet of stories from ten Australian authors – stories of healing and second chances, of opening hearts and minds, of souls connecting and  remembering,  of temptation and desire. Life and love in Eagle Point has never been more challenging … or fun! 

From cupcake-From cupcake wielding assassins to hilarious blind date set-ups there's something for everyone in the delightfully romantic collection that proves there can never be too much ado about love.

Contributors are Claire Boston, Bree Verity, Monique Mulligan, Teena Raffa, Ilona Krueger, Barbara Gurney, Glennys Marsdon, P.L. Harris, Louisa West and Carolyn  Wren

Heat levels 1-4 scale
1 - Sweet
2 - Sensual and sexy
3 - Steaming
4 - Out of this world

All Wrapped Up - A Christmas Anthology 
Contemporary Romance

Heat Level - 1 Sweet


"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
-Dr. Seuss